Three Popular Door Knocker Earring Shapes

Posted on: 16 December 2022

If you're shopping for a new pair of earrings and you know that you want something with a large and bold look, your local jewelry store will have a number of options for you to consider. One earring genre that might appeal to you is door knocker earrings. Although you might not know this type of jewelry by name, you've almost certainly seen it. Door knocker earrings are thick and large and often have a gold hue — although you may occasionally see other colors. They get their name because they share some similarities with the large, bulky door knockers that people sometimes have mounted on their front doors. Here are three popular door knocker earring shapes.


Circles are perhaps the most popular door knocker earring shape, which seems appropriate because lots of actual door knockers also have this shape. These earrings look somewhat like large hoop earrings, but the metal is much thicker. Whereas many hoop earrings are made of thin pieces of metal, door knocker earrings have a much bulkier look. Don't expect the metal in these earrings to be smooth. This jewelry often has a busy design, with the metal featuring grooves, raised areas, and other accents. Circular door knocker earrings come in several sizes, but many tend to be quite large.


You'll also see door knocker earrings that are heart-shaped, which may be an appealing choice for some people. Like circular earrings, the hearts are large and tend to have a vibrant design with a heavily textured surface. While you can certainly buy these earrings for yourself, you might also think about asking for them from your significant other for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day, given their shape.


If the jewelry store you visit has a large selection of door knocker earrings, you shouldn't be surprised to see a few that have a rectangular shape. Typically, the rectangle is positioned so that its shortest sides are on the top and bottom. This orientation allows the earring to hang down toward your neck without sticking out too much. The exact shape of the rectangle can vary. Some of these earrings are long and thin, while others are wider. Like other door knocker earrings, the rectangles often have a textured finish rather than a smooth one. If you're interested in door knocker earrings in one of these shapes or even in a different shape, visit a jewelry store.