What To Do With Cremated Pet Diamonds

Posted on: 4 October 2022

When you have a pet cremated, you can do a number of things with the ashes, from scattering or burying them to placing them in an urn. You can also turn the ashes into a diamond that you can place in jewelry. There's just one issue with going the diamond route, though: What can you really do with the diamond? Jewelry is one option, but there are others.

Wearable Jewelry

First, jewelry really is the classic option. You have your pet's ashes put through the process for growing a diamond in a laboratory. The final size and color may vary, but you can discuss coloring techniques with the company to see what variations you might be able to make. The diamond can be added to a ring, pendant, or bracelet when it's formed. You could even discuss forming two smaller diamonds for earrings, but there may not be enough ashes for that. The advantage of cremation jewelry is that your pet can always be with you in a way when you wear the jewelry. The issues with cremation jewelry are two-fold, however. One is that the jewelry can be lost or stolen, and the other is that over time, future generations may forget that the diamond contains cremains.

Embedded in a Memorial Plaque

If you'd prefer to have the pet near you but not go the jewelry route, you could have the diamond embedded in a memorial plaque that you keep in your home. These don't have to be large plaques; you can speak with engraving companies about getting a small keepsake for your bookcase shelf, for example. Or, you could hang it with other family photos.

Added to a Suncatcher or Other Bright Decoration

One option that people have for cremains, in general, is to have them included in decorative glass. You can try a related route and find someone to make a custom suncatcher or other bright crystal decoration that incorporates the diamond. You have to be sure your family knows where the diamond is, of course, lest someone decide they don't like the suncatcher and take it down. You of course want it left up, even if it isn't in the sun.

Speak to the cremation-diamond company about what people typically do with pet diamonds and how they handle issues like keeping the pet's legacy alive over generations. The company can also show you whatever options you have for the diamond itself, such as shape and color.

Contact a professional for more information about custom pet diamonds