The Advantages of Wood Wedding Bands

Posted on: 9 May 2022

Metal wedding bands have long been favored because of their durability and luster, but they're not the only material that bands can be made of. While wood wedding bands might not be as durable as metal ones, wood ones have their own unique benefits. Here are some of the advantages that wood wedding bands uniquely have.


Wood rings tend to be more affordable than metal rings, simply because wood is considered a less costly material to construct things from. Even though they're priced lower, however, wood rings can be just as elegant.

Unique Design

Wood uniquely has natural grains that make each ring unique. Even if another wood wedding band is made in the same size and same design, the grains of the two rings won't exactly match up. Metal wedding bands that are the same size and same design will look identical.

Moreover, the natural grain of wood makes for an intricate design. Whereas a metal ring has the same shiny finish all around it, wood bands have different patterns from the wood grain.

Environmentally Friendly

Because trees are a renewable resource, wood is an environmentally friendly material to make wedding bands from. A single tree can produce countless wedding bands (each of which is still unique), and another tree can be planted to replace the tree that's used.

Some wood wedding bands are even made from salvaged wood that's already dead. If you want the most eco-conscious option, look for a jeweler that has salvaged wood wedding bands.


If you or your spouse has a metal allergy, wood is an obvious alternative option for wedding bands. Wood is a hypoallergenic material, and skin won't react to wood regardless of whether the metal is irritating.


Unlike metal, wood conducts neither electricity nor heat. It won't carry an electric current that could shock, and usually doesn't even cause static electricity to spark. It also won't become hot enough to burn the skin.

While you might not need a wedding band that's insulated against electricity and heat in everyday life, these are important conditions for people who work in conditions where there's a risk of electric shock or burn.

For example, electricians sometimes have to remove metal wedding bands so that they don't accidentally get shocked by a live wire. Although it's easy to remove a wedding band when needed, the ring could be misplaced anytime it's taken off. A wood wedding band doesn't have to be removed when working with live wires. 

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