Choosing Men's Wedding Band Metals? Here's What You Should Know

Posted on: 12 March 2021

If your wedding is fast approaching, you'll need to find suitable wedding bands. Today, most people face a challenge when choosing wedding rings for men. This happens because people lack the necessary knowledge on how to make an informed choice. The rings come in various styles and metal types, so choosing the right option if you don't know the basic features and their benefits becomes difficult. The prices, durability, and looks also vary, so the only way to make the selection process manageable is to familiarize yourself with popular men's wedding bands. Below are popular choices you can consider.


Gold is a popular material in the world of jewelry. Today, men can get different rings made using white, yellow, or rose gold. The metal is usually mixed with a metal alloy to give it that much-needed strength because gold is soft and cannot handle day-to-day wear. But which type of gold should you choose? Yellow gold works for both modern- or vintage-styled bands. Generally, any man can opt to get a yellow-gold ring, but the metals may be more suitable for olive- or dark-skinned men. White gold offers that cool appearance and is more timeless compared to other forms of gold. It should be considered by men with fair tones. Rose gold comes in a soft pink hue that's acquired from copper. This makes the rings appear romantic, and their strength is unquestionable.


Another wedding ring metal men can consider is titanium. This metal's popularity has been growing in recent years thanks to its outstanding style and comes with a black or silvery finish. If you want to avoid getting a white gold ring, then a titanium band will be an excellent alternative because it's not as shiny gold even though the finish is silvery. If a man has an edgier style, then they should go for the black finish because it has an incredibly unique appearance that people will definitely notice.


This metal is unique and comes with a high shine. It's a fantastic choice for people who cannot afford to get a platinum ring as the general appearance and durability features are similar even though it's less costly. These rings can feature engraved details or precious stones, so you're free to choose what suits your needs depending on your way of living. Besides, the metal is versatile enough to take on the wear if an individual has an active life.

Now that you know some of the common men's wedding ring metals, it shouldn't be challenging to make a smart choice. Be sure to consider your preferences, budget, and lifestyle before selecting a metal. For more information, contact a company like Meyers Jewelers.