3 Ways To Get The Vintage-Style Jewelry You Want

Posted on: 23 December 2020

Many people really enjoy a vintage style. If you are one of them, you might want to make sure that you have vintage jewelry to complete your look. Even if you don't want to dress in a full vintage-styled outfit every day, a simple piece of vintage jewelry is enough to turn most outfits into something evocative. But how can you start finding the vintage jewelry that you want?

Modern Reproductions

One thing you can do is to go to various places and try to find modern reproductions. These would be pieces that look that they are vintage but have been recently made. You can find these pieces online and in jewelry stores. One benefit of going this way is that you may be able to find a piece that you like that is in your particular style but is going to cost less than buying a true vintage piece might be. 

Estate/Garage Sales & Flea Markets

Another thing that you can do is to check out local estate and garage sales, as well as any flea markets and antique stores in your area. These places can be a great way to find a treasure trove of vintage jewelry. With garage and estate sales, if you see a piece you want, you should buy it as soon as possible because you most likely won't have another chance to get it. You may have more of a chance when it comes to flea markets or antique stores. You might be able to find an outstanding piece at a really good price this way. Just make sure that you carefully check out the piece because you want to make sure that it is in good shape before you purchase it. 

True Vintage

Another way that you can find the piece that you really want is to check with jewelry stores that carry true vintage pieces. These are the actual pieces that were made in the time period you are interested in. You would probably have the best luck finding a true vintage piece when you go to a jewelry store that specializes in vintage jewelry. You are likely to pay more this way than if you did it other ways, but you are going to have the piece that you have always wanted. 

If you have always wanted to have some vintage jewelry to match your vintage style, there are several ways that you can get the style that you want.