The Jewelry Trends To Watch In 2020

Posted on: 21 December 2019

As 2019 wraps up, it is time to start looking forward to 2020. Although some jewelry trends are timeless, there are certain jewelry trends that come and go. If you want to stay on top of the most recent fashion, it is time to look towards the runways and start planning for the 2020 spring and summer fashion season.

Large Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings never seem to go out of style; however, the exact type of hoop earrings that are in style does change over time. This year, oversized or extra-large hoop earrings seem to be all the rage on the runways. Walking down the runways, one can see extra-large hoop earrings with a style twist. Instead of a traditional one-hoop, oversized multiple-ring hoop-earrings seem to be all the rage. Additionally, twisted hoop earrings are also making an appearance on the runway.

If you don't have oversized, multiple-ring or oversized twisted hoop earrings, now is the time to change up your hoop collection.

Big Link Bracelets & Necklaces

It seems that large and chunky is the prevailing theme for spring and summer 2020. Big chunky chains are replacing the dainty jewelry that dominated 2019. On the runways for spring and summer 2020, large colorful bracelets and necklaces are adorning the neck and wrist of the runway models.

You can keep things classy with a gold or silver chunky chain necklace. Or you go a little more playful and go with acrylic chunky chain necklaces.

Pearls With a Twist

If you have some pearls in your jewelry case, you can't go wrong wearing them this spring or summer. The style of pearls that will be trending in 2020 are sleek and modern pearl jewelry. For example, you will see asymmetrical pearl earrings, as well as pearls incorporated with other metals in both earrings and necklaces. Gone are the days of perfectly rounded pearls; more natural and asymmetrical pearls are the types that will be trending in 2020.

Bright Colorful Baubles

Costume jewelry goes by many different names, and colorful baubles are just this generation's costume jewelry. Once again, big and chunky jewelry that is a mix of different gemstones, beads, and even feathers are back in style. Now is a great time to get out your old colorful costume jewelry and add a few new pieces to your collection.

Spring and summer 2020 is all about making a big statement with your jewelry. Oversized hoop earrings, big link necklaces and bracelets, funky pearls, and bright colorful gemstones and beads are the types of jewelry you need to invest in if you want to look fashionable in 2020.