Picking The Right Guitar For You

Posted on: 26 March 2015

If you are interested in getting into the world of guitars, then you're going to need a basic idea of what each type of guitar does. Not all guitars are created equal, and many serve very different purposes. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular types of guitars, and exactly why you might want to pick each one:


Electric guitars are intended to be exclusively used with the aid of an amplifier. They are heavier, thinner, and more dense than acoustic guitars, which can be attributed to the method of sound transmission. While acoustic guitars will rely on resonation throughout the hollow body, electric guitars need an amplifier to produce the desired noise.

The main draws of an electric guitar are the aesthetic and specific style of sound that is produced. If you want to play music in the style of popular rock or punk, then you will want an electric guitar to get the closest sound possible.

Steel Acoustic

The most common type of acoustic guitar uses steel strings, which produce a much more metallic sound than classical acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars are generally much more versatile than electric guitars due to their lower weight and the lack of a need for an amp.

Therefore, you should consider an acoustic guitar if you are unsure whether you will always have an amp available. It is much more difficult to transport an electric guitar and an amp than it is to move a simple acoustic guitar.

Classical Acoustic

These guitars use nylon strings instead of steel and generally have wider necks. This is the type of guitar that you will likely see in a classical music composition, since the sound they produce is less metallic and more mellow.


An electro-acoustic guitar combines the best of both worlds, offering the sound of an acoustic guitar with the capability of using an amplifier for increased projection. However, they still don't produce the same, harder sound that is found in electric guitars.

You want an electro-acoustic guitar if you are looking for an acoustic sound, yet simultaneously want to be able to plug into an amp at a moments notice. If you are using a steel string or classical acoustic guitar, then the only real way to project that sound to an audience is to use a microphone or other similar device.


Basically, if you are looking to recreate a rock or punk sound, you'll want to opt for an electric guitar. If you are interested in country, or other softer genres, a steel string acoustic is probably your best bet. A classical acoustic guitar is best for folk or classical music, while an electro-acoustic guitar is good for projecting the acoustic sound to a large audience. For further assistance, seek the help from outlets that sell musical instruments, such as Wilmington Jewelry & Loan.