3 Things That Will Make An Engagement Ring Look Right On Your Hand

Posted on: 11 March 2015

If you are going shopping for an engagement ring with your boyfriend, then it is really important to understand that not all rings are suited for your hand. Here are 3 things or characteristics that will make an engagement ring look beautiful on your hand.

Ring Thickness

First, your hand size matters. If you have short fingers that are not super slender, then a chunky ring is only going to enhance this about your hand. Even if you have always wanted a huge diamond and a thick band, you will find that this style makes your fingers look shorter and even less slender.

If you have long fingers, however, you have more options to choose from. If your fingers are long, then you can go with a thin, medium, or thick band in almost all cases. If your fingers are super slender, you may want to go with something a little less thick so that your hands still look dainty and feminine.

Try on as many rings as possible so that you can see which band styles truly compliment your fingers, and then you will be headed in the right direction.

Metal Color

Also, the color of the metal on the ring matters. Silver and gold look good on just about anyone, but the right brightness can make a difference. If you want a ring that will look shiny and silver for a long time, consider white gold instead of pure silver. Pure silver begins to look tarnished after a while, but white gold does not look dull as easily.

Also, if your skin has yellow tones, then avoid yellow gold or rings with yellow in them. This will only enhance the yellow color in your skin, which will not look as attractive. Likewise, know which metals react with your skin if you have this problem. 

Some people have a problem with silver turning their fingers green or black, so you need to test these metals out on your skin beforehand.

Diamond Size

Lastly, your diamond size is just as important as the other factors. The diamond size should not overwhelm your hand, it should not be heavy on your hand, and it should be easy to wear on a daily basis.

Also, consider the diamond shape. A tear drop diamond or a square diamond is going to be more difficult to wear at times because the sharp ends can catch on things. This could be a problem if you wear silky clothing or lacy clothing that can catch easily. Rounded diamonds are not going to pose as much of a problem because they have no sharp edges.