Can You Sell Dental Gold?

Posted on: 23 February 2015

If you are in need of some fast cash, but don't have any gold jewelry you want to part with, you may have other sources of gold to sell. For example, if you have dental gold in your possession, you may be able to sell it according to its weight and the current value of gold. Here is more information on selling dental gold to get some emergency cash.

Types of Dental Gold

Many people get dental work done with gold, but later have it changed to a different material. Instead of throwing it away, you can keep that gold and sell it to a gold buyer for money. There are many different types of gold restorations that can be worth money, including fillings, crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, and sweeps. You may also be able to get money for porcelain dental restorations that were fused with gold or other precious metals.

Determining the Value

Once you have acquired the dental gold, you will need to estimate the current value. Like gold jewelry and coins, the current market value for gold based on weight will help you estimate how much your dental gold is worth. The first thing you need to do when determining the value of dental gold is try to find out exactly how much gold is in that dental piece. Some pieces are pure gold, but many of them are combined with other metals like palladium or silver, or have porcelain fused with the gold. You can find this out by asking the dentist who gave you that piece, or speaking to an appraiser.

Once you know the content of gold in your pieces, you can look at the current gold market value. Gold prices are per ounce, so you will also need to weigh your dental gold. This lets you calculate how much it is worth.

Selling the Gold

Reputable gold buyers are willing to buy any type of gold, from jewelry and bullion, to antique coins and yes, dental gold. They often melt down the gold they buy, so the type of piece isn't as important as the quality and weight of the gold. They will also use the current gold value to come up with a decent price for the gold. Remember they want to make a profit, so you might not get quite as much as what it is worth. However, this doesn't mean you should take a low price either. Try to come up with a compromise with the gold buyer. If you feel they are not giving you a fair price, leave and find another buyer.

If you decide to use an online gold buyer, make sure you research them well. Find out about their company history and look at reviews of others who have sold gold to them. You will be shipping the gold through the mail, so get your shipments insured. 

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