3 Popular Types Of Antique Engagement Rings

Posted on: 6 May 2016

For most men, investing in the purchase of an engagement ring can be intimidating. With so many rings available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which engagement ring is best suited for your bride. If you like the romance associated with antique rings, it's important that you take the time to learn about some popular antique styles to ensure you get a ring your beloved will adore.

Here are three must-know styles when shopping for an antique engagement ring.

1. Victorian Rings

The Victorian Era, which spanned the years of 1837 to 1901, marked the emergence of fine jewelry that was available to the general public. Engagement rings during the Victorian Era became more affordable because diamond mines were discovered in South Africa and gold reserves were discovered in California during this time period.

If your soon-to-be bride enjoys spending time in nature, then an antique ring from the Victorian Era will be a great option. Jewelry items during the early years of the Victorian Era were influenced by nature, often having leaves or flowers incorporated into the design of each piece.

2. Edwardian Rings

Another popular time period for antique engagement rings was the Edwardian Period (1901-1920). During the Edwardian era, jewelers were perfecting the art of detailing items through a technique known as filigree. This technique required a jeweler to work with thin threads of gold, winding them in intricate patterns to create a finished product with the same look as lace.

If your girlfriend enjoys wearing clothing that has a delicate, feminine look (like tops made from lace or chiffon), then she will likely be pleased with the intricate, yet understated elegance that defines antique Edwardian engagement rings.

3. Retro Rings

For the bride-to-be that has a bold sense of style when it comes to fashion, an antique ring from the Retro Period could be a great option. Spanning the years of 1935 through the mid 1950's, items from the Retro Period reflect the impact of World War II on jewelry design. Illusion settings became popular during this period, since they helped a smaller stone appear larger.

Synthetic rubies and sapphires were commonly used gemstones due to the fact that financial hardship limited the affordability of many jewelry pieces. If you think your loved one would appreciate a bold engagement ring, opt for an antique piece from the Retro Period.

Buying an antique engagement ring can be challenging. When you take the time to learn about the more popular periods during which antique rings were created, you will be sure to invest in a ring your girlfriend will be proud to wear for many years.